Feb 069

We’ve had this conversation many times in my house:

Mr. K: “Have you seen that movie?”
Me: “No, but I read the book.”
This used to be followed by an eye roll from Mr. K but now he just nods. Of course I read the book. I have mixed feelings about books being turned into movies. Some turn out wonderfully and others turn out terribly, but I always cringe a bit waiting for favorite books to be released in movie format. 
I have to admit, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at times. The Help is arriving soon via Netflix and I’m actually looking forward to seeing it. 
The upcoming Oscars have me thinking about the transformation of books to movies, so I went and looked up the most-loved novel of my childhood – after all, it seems movie-friendly: feisty main character, historical drama, adventure, and a little romance. I didn’t expect to find anything, but according to the New York Times it is in development at Baseline films. Oh. Although part of me would love to see this story brought to life on the big screen, most of me is hoping the movie is never made. This is venturing onto sacred ground. I can’t possibly think of an appropriate actress for Kit. 
(That’s a hint…more later.)