It’s official: We have graduated from diapers in this house. Miss R. hasn’t worn a dipe or pull-up in two weeks, even at night.

I’m proud of Miss R. It’s a big milestone for a little kid and I’m happy that she let me help her (occasionally!) as she took another determined step towards independence. I’m also *thrilled* to no longer be cleaning out diaper pails.

I’m not feeling sentimental about leaving diapers behind. The old travel changing pads went in the trash yesterday and I’m going to donate the (nice) changing pad covers to a local shelter. I have just one thing that I’m keeping: this little diaper carrier that I made several years ago.*


It always made me feel organized, because it was easy to stock and throw in a bag, and happy, because of the cheerful print. It was perfect for one or two dipes and a travel pack of wipes.


Now it’s perfect for a LeapPad. Gotta love upcycling projects.

*Pattern by Boogaboo Babies, found on Etsy.