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Bunnies, bunnies everywhere. Fuzzy bunnies, bunny cookies, lions-posing-as-bunnies, you name it. Spring – and Easter – are upon us.

When I was little, it seemed like I saw the Easter Bunny in our back yard every year. My brother and I would come downstairs and find our eggs and fill our baskets and then, looking out the big window by the kitchen table, see a small soft brown figure loping into the woods.

Perhaps, in reality, it was just two years out of many. And I know that we had dozens of bunnies living in the woods around our house, so odds were that there was a bunny in our back yard every spring morning. But really, a sweet brown bunny hopping through the grass on Easter morning? As if she was waiting for two eager faces to appear at the window so we could get a flash of her white tail before she vanished under the blackberry bushes? That had to be something.

Country Bunny cover

It’s also possible that this lovely book, The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, had something to do with it.

Country Bunny

See? There she is.