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My son got his first library card today. His grandma took him and filled out the forms. When he checked out his first book ever, the librarians rang the desk bell and clapped. He was waiting with the card to show it to me, and carefully put it back in the little sleeve after pointing out the library logo.

I am feeling surprisingly tender about this. I’m proud of him and glad he wanted a library card, and I’m very curious to see what he picks out. I’m also astonished that he’s grown so big so fast.

Here’s what he checked out today:

Busy Builders

Ants! His grandpa read the book to him this afternoon, and then they built a huge Lego fort. Such a little boy, my darling superhero-loving, baseball cap-wearing, dinosaur-drawing, still-hugs-his-mama child.

P.S. Here’s to grandparents!