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Late March 070

Lots of stuff going on here this weekend. Easter, of course. We colored eggs and the Easter Bunny paid a visit, leaving little white paw prints all the way up the stairs. Pink and green Hex Bugs ran all over the house. We went outside and blew bubbles and found all the new crocuses. 


I also finished my spring bag and made some progress on the shelf I rescued from the daycare cast-off pile. 

Late March 014

I used this pattern for the bag but made it a little smaller, skipped some of the interfacing, and added interior and exterior pockets. I do like pockets in my bags. Otherwise I can never, ever find my phone or keys. Miss R. helped me style the bag for  pictures.

Late March 029

The shelf is one of those classic preschool pieces, heavy and sturdy with a pegboard back. I liked the drawers, so when our daycare renovated a classroom and put the shelf up for grabs I took it home. It seems to want to be yellow, so I’m going with that. I only have crummy phone pictures of it sanded and then primed so far, but you get the idea.

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