I was moving a few framed pieces around last week and realized, as I hung a small needlepoint Celtic knot in the hallway, that I haven’t done any needlepoint in a while. This got me thinking about projects still hanging around in need of blocking, framing, re-framing, or finishing, so I gathered up everything I have and took inventory. There was more than I remembered, and it amused me to see the progression over the years. 

I made this sampler when I was 10. I took a needlepoint class in the school library from a woman who lived down the street, and this was the project we all worked on. I think I’d like to re-frame this so there’s more of a contrast between the needlework and the frame. 

Late March 119
Late March 120 

I made these two when I was about 12, and they hung in my sister’s room for years. Now they are in my kids’ room. I still like the frames but the matting has yellowed should be replaced. 

Late March 101
 Late March 100

There’s a gap over the next decade or so, when most of the things I made I gave as gifts, including eye glass cases, fridge magnets, pillows, and an old-fashioned Santa that my parents still put out every Christmas. Then I started keeping a few things again.

This one I made for Mr. K. when we were dating. 

Late March 117

I have several that need framing or working up into a pillow or seat cover or something. I groaned when I saw how skewed they’d become in storage. Clearly there is some blocking in my future. The background stitch for the hummingbird is black on black and gave me quite a headache, but I love how it came out. 

Late March 115Late March 116 Late March 109

 Christmas ornaments, on teeny-tiny canvases:

 Late March 108
Late March 107
 Late March 105

And some I designed and stitched  for my niece and nephew:


 I think this all started with some framed embroidery done by my great-grandmother that hung in my room when I was a child.They’re beautiful, yes? 

 Late March 126
Late March 128

I tried to copy them when I was about eight with regular sewing thread and a piece of old pillowcase. My mom saved it and gave it back to me a few years ago. I think I did pretty well with the lamb! 

 Late March 132
Recently I saw some images of blackwork that intrigued me. Perhaps my next project?