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She’s three! Happy birthday to my darling girl!


At Miss R’s request, today’s theme was doggies. And, because it’s her favorite color, there was a lot of purple. We had a purple-roofed dog house cake, purple pompoms, purple doggie bags, purple balloons, and purple flowers.



There was a large doggie too, of course.

I have to say, there’s something very satisfying about following a child’s lead on party decor. My own ideas were far more complicated and most likely would have been less fun for her. Our conversation about her party went like this:

“R, what kind of birthday do you want?”

“Hmmm dee duum mmmmm.” (Humming and singing)

“Do you want merry-go-round horses? Spring flowers? Umbrellas and April showers? We could do…”

“Doggies! Purple!”

And then she flashed me a smile and ran away to play with her friends.

So we purpled and puppy’d it up. I didn’t manage every bit of decor I had in mind (the extra-large play dog house failed to materialize) but I got a kick out of scouring Michaels for purple cake tints and tissue paper and craft supplies. And she does look awfully cute in purple.


I don’t think Miss R. stopped moving once! Every picture we have of her is slightly blurred. Her t-shirt says “so happy,” and she was.