It seems like last week was actually three…it felt that long. But this weekend was nicely unscheduled. T-ball, playing in the park, catching up on laundry, reading, riding bikes, baking, stocking the pantry, opening up the porch for the warm months. The kids spent hours and hours outside.

Earlier in the week we planted some dwarf sunflower seeds, which started sprouting with gratifying speed. We’re keeping them out on the porch, where they can bask in direct sunshine for a good half of the day. The cats like basking out there too.

I finished up the little lap quilt on Friday night. I wanted to do something cheerful, so I mixed up a lot of prints in roughly rainbow order. I’ve been thinking of it as the Rainbow Connection quilt. I’ll drop it off at Children’s Hospital this week, and I hope it brings a little comfort to someone there.

My reading this weekend was the latest in Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs series, Leaving Everything Most Loved. The introspective, frugal, and philosophical Maisie never fails to draw me in. Winspear does an graceful job of taking the reader right into a post-WWI England still recovering from the sorrows of the Great War, and this glimpse of another time and place is one of the reasons I enjoy this series so much.