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I decided to try my hand at lemon curd for Mother’s Day gifts this year, and it is divine. I have to ask, though: Isn’t there a better word for this than “curd”? What an awful-sounding name for such a tasty concoction.
I used the ingredients of this recipe and the method from this other one. I tripled the batch, too, which meant I washed, zested, and juiced nine lemons and separated 15 egg yolks. My aunt gave me a tool a while back that I finally had a chance to test out that made the juicing easier. 
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All those spent lemons did double-duty cleaning the garbage disposal and microwave!
Once all the lemons were juiced, I blended everything together in a stand mixer. At this point the mixture looked terrible but at least was starting to smell wonderful. I transferred it to a pan on the stove and cooked. Much better!
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And….into the jars. To pretty them up, I tied a tiny floral fabric over the top with a little rick rack and added a tag. This one is for my sister and says “Just because,” well, just because.
May 169
Now we need some scones!
 ***Update: There were scones!
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