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May 224

May 230

It was soft spring today: Warm but not hot, sunny. The lilacs are still blooming and the lily of the valley is out. My favorites. I can smell the lily of the valley before I can even see it; heaven.

May 231

This little fellow at the library seemed pretty content on a peaceful afternoon.

May 235

May 238

On my way to pick up the kids this afternoon I realized that it must be prom night. The high school parking lot was packed; young women in long colorful dresses were stepping from cars; young men were straightening ties; parents were pulling out cameras. I pulled over to watch for a few minutes. They were so lovely, and so young! They called to each other and laughed and stood self-consciously and proudly in their fancy duds for photos. There were lots of diaphanous layers and bright vests, and here and there some major bling. I heard a mother ask these two for a photo, smiling as she said she’d put it next to the one from preschool. At that I pictured my little ones at 17, dressed up for prom, and wasn’t sure if I was going to laugh or cry.

May 234

Then I arrived at daycare, and received big kisses from dirt-smudged faces and laughed. Prom is a loonnggg way off.

It’s a beautiful night for a party, and the air is just cool enough now for the girls to borrow their dates’ jackets. Remember that? There was something so thrilling about it.