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I was pleasantly surprised last week to find that I’d won a Kindle Fire HD through a contest at work. I have an ipad but had never played around with a Kindle and wasn’t even entirely sure what it could do — but it certainly looked cool when I opened the box! So far, so good. To test out my new toy, I downloaded Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein and The Saturday Boy by David Fleming.
Code Name VerityThe Saturday Boy

Downloading The Saturday Boy was a treat, because David Fleming is a childhood classmate. These days we are Facebook friends (I know, that’s not saying much) and I got to read along as he went from writer submitting manuscript to agented writer to published writer. It gives me a little thrill to see people I know succeed in the writing business – it really can happen.
So….I’ll write again after I’ve actually read these books, on screen. I’m wondering if reading on a tablet will change how I experience a book – not at all, or for better or for worse?