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Martha’s Vineyard, the last week of June:

We caught the ferry on a sunny morning and stood on deck most of the way to the island. It’s a brief trip, suited to short attention spans and little feet.


IMG_1893 DSCN0115

As soon as we were off the boat, we made a bee line for Menemsha, home of our favorite beach for rocks and shells and our favorite lunch spot, the one with the amazing lobster rolls and perfect grilled cheese. We had our shoes off approximately 30 seconds after leaving the car.

IMG_1897 DSCN0130 DSCN0141 DSCN0138 DSCN0167 IMG_1898 IMG_1899

Tummies full, we went back down island to Vineyard Haven for a walk on the dock at Owen Park. Miss R and the Boy studied the water and the harbor traffic, and then harbor master Jim kindly offered them a tour of his boat. Being cute goes a long way sometimes.

IMG_1901 DSCN0176 IMG_1906

And then, the cottage. This may be my favorite place on earth. It’s tiny and uncomplicated, and opens right out onto this:


Every year I smile when I walk in and see this old refrigerator, and the flowers our landlady leaves on the table, and the painted plank floors, and that view. While we unload and unpack, the kids plunk their buckets down and make for the rope swing. The swing makes up half their vacation, I think. (Playing with the garden hose probably takes care of the other half.) Can’t say I blame them! I’ve sat there, gliding out over the hill on a warm afternoon, and it’s heavenly. DSCN0177 DSCN0191

IMG_1918 IMG_1912

The cottage comes with curious neighbors of the web- and four-footed variety. The bunnies never stop long enough to be photographed, but Mr and Mrs Swan made twice-daily appearances. There’s also a tame goose. He sits by the porch hoping for scraps of bread. I tried to name him Burt but the kids decided Burp was a whole lot funnier.

The cottage also comes with a scrap of beach on a calm lagoon that invites wading and floating and crab-watching.

IMG_1931 IMG_1944

IMG_1932 DSCN0316

When we’ve swung and waded and floated and run around enough, there’s the farmer’s market and the flea market and the big state beach and the arcade and the mini golf place and the bookstore and the library. There are evening softball games and popsicles and nap attacks and huge full moons.





Our sun vanished towards the end of the week and we woke to fog over the lagoon. No matter. We like fog. We went to the FARM Institute to play with the turkey chicks and then over to the Right Fork Diner for chocolate chip pancakes and to watch the comings and goings at the Katama airfield. On the way back we checked on the building progress on Seeker.

IMG_2305DSCN0358DSCN0349IMG_2309 2

It was a week of bathing suits and bug bites, sleeping in, reading, eating, and playing. I was lazy and mostly used my old iphone for pictures. They won’t win any awards but give a soft, hazy focus that seems appropriate for a week that feels worlds away.

IMG_2263 IMG_2277