The kids were sick last week and work was crazy, so I’m trying to catch up on things this weekend. For a while this morning that seemed like a lost cause. The kids were literally hanging on my legs and everyone was at loose ends. And then Miss R happened to step on one of her Hexbugs and complained that it wouldn’t go anymore, which prompted a round-up and battery-replacement on all our small Hexies.


I’m fascinated by Hexbugs. We have a bunch of them, including a big spidery one that kind of creeps me out. They skitter and buzz and turn themselves around and flip over. Problem is, they have a tendency to run off and get lost under a couch or a bookshelf. The company that makes them has brilliantly designed habitats for the busy little robots, so you can make them run mazes and go up ramps and crash into each other. And, from the parent perspective, so you can keep track of the darn things! As the Boy and Miss R started to let their Hexies go wild all over the dining room, I realized that we needed a habitat. Pronto.

You know how a lot of kids toys come in wood crates or boxes these days? They made excellent Hexbug corrals. This one is from a collection of Melissa & Doug musical instruments.


The Boy added a light plastic golf ball, which the bugs began to push around, and then the logical next step was to make block walls and tunnels. Miss R found a sectioned cardboard box with a clear window that made for funny Hexie watching, too.

Whew. Crisis averted. But….now I have to go back to work? Bugger.