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New fabric! Woo! I’ve been feeling fall sewing projects creeping up on me, so last week I placed orders with Hawthorne Threads and Pink Chalk Fabrics. And now it’s all here. Mmmm. I spread everything out and just admired it for a while this morning. It’s a nice start to a rainy day.



I think it’s also a good day to make pesto. Our farm co-op herb share has been pretty heavy on the basil the past few weeks. I trimmed the stems and put the basil in water, and it quite quickly and happily sprouted roots. I like this pesto recipe, scaled to the amount of basil I have on hand.


No, I haven’t forgotten about my hallway project. It’s ongoing. The plasterer is here RIGHT NOW to work on the ceiling and half the walls are primed. (Giovanni looked puzzled that I wanted to take a picture of him and his crew working but patiently agreed as long as no one had to pose.) It’s getting there. But sometimes you need to take a break and look ahead. I’m picturing a new doll quilt, and some holiday linens, and a surprise or two……

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