So, about that hallway….the painting is finished! Woo!

?????????? ?????????? ??????????

What do you think of my new avant garde light fixtures? Ha! Kidding. Next up: new lighting and dimmer switches. This hall is an interior one that doesn’t get much direct natural light, so improved ceiling fixtures are a high priority. After that, I can (finally!) get to decorating.

For fun, I kept a list of the supplies that went into this part of the project:

  • 1 spray bottle of hot water, refilled 50-ish times
  • 2 scrapers
  • 8 trash bags
  • 2 scrubby sponges for removing glue from the walls
  • 2 1/2 tubs of spackle
  • 2 more scrubby sponges for wet sanding the spackle
  • 3 tubes of caulk
  • 4 gallons of paint

Also for fun, I pulled out some old pictures of projects to see how much the place has changed since we moved in. When we started, everything was a sickly yellow-beige with chalk white trim. All the walls had wallpaper covered by paint. Our first task was the living room, and my very first paint color choice in my first home was…blue for the ceiling.

LR 2006

The pale blue brings in the sky from outside the big bay window and plays up the coffered ceiling. The walls were going to be sand or pale shell or something along those lines, but the test swatches looked terrible. We ended up going with a darker shade of blue on the walls. There’s so much white trim that it all balances out.

The play room, which was originally our office, got a light brown. This is one of my favorite rooms in our home. It’s cozy in the winter and but has enough windows to be breezy in the summer.

Toy room_right

After a while we got around to working on our dining room. When the paper came down we discovered old brown glue marks on the walls, remnants of some original paneling. Although I had no intention of restoring the paneling, it was an interesting find. We painted the top of the wall a deep red, added a chair rail, and used a light sandy color in between the coffers on the ceiling.

DR 2006 DR 2006 clean DR 2006 night

The back bedroom has changed the most of the years. It went from plaster disaster to nursery with a cheerful orange accent wall to comfy bedroom.

nursery_deconstruction Nursery_curtain

There’s (always) more to do of course, but bit by bit we’re getting there.