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071 074 001 002 005 015 012 024 026Now THIS is my weather. Cool, clear, the smell of dry leaves and soft earth. The light is fading a little faster, the crickets are just a little louder. Inside, I’m singing.

We went apple picking, my September pilgrimage. We took a hay ride out to the fields and visited the goats and rabbits once our bags were full. And, keeping with tradition, we ate tiny, warm cider donuts in the car on the way home. Now my fridge and counters are overflowing with rosy fruit and there’s a lot of eating to be done: Apple crisp, apple pie, apple sauce, pork with apples and shallots, turkey/apple/cheddar sandwiches. Apples in backpacks and lunch bags.

Cool nights now. Chicken enchiladas, black bean salad, and apple crisp for dinner. Later there will be corn chowder, pear wine, and the one loaf of bread I know how to make.

Felt leaves and paper pumpkins in the hall. A craft night with my old roommate. Night lights. Wreaths. The return of fleece jammies.

I love Fall.