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Gold mums

This beautiful weekend featured a long lunch with good friends, one of whom brought her adorable and incredibly peaceful baby with her. Little Gwen watched everything with interest, particularly her mom, until she drifted off to sleep. I’d forgotten how intently babies track their mothers! Those bright blue eyes rarely strayed from her mother’s face, and when her mother spoke to her Gwen just lit up, her whole body alert. She was a charming lunch companion.

In honor of meeting Gwen, I made her a stroller quilt. It’s small, just big enough to tuck in around a little body in a stroller or use as a nap mat, and backed with fleece for cool fall days. The fabrics are a mix of cottons from my stash, bright and cheerful prints for baby eyes to look at and a raised pink polka dot for tiny fingers to touch.

When I took pictures of the quilt right before I left for lunch, Miss R did her best to get in on the action, wrapping herself up in my mom’s baby carriage blanket and planting herself in front of the camera. “Can you see me?” Oh yes, my dear. Always.