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Not a mouse. Maybe a large rat. Or a creepy crawly. Something wicked this way comes…*

Vintage jack-o-lantern votivesFall wreath with raven

glowing skull

The Kaeslets loooove Halloween, so we’ve started with the decorations around here. My Fall choices have received a kid-directed Halloween twist: The mini pumpkins have witch hats, the wreath sports a black raven, and a huge hairy spider hangs over the leaf-and-pumpkin garland. There’s a skull in the dining room, a black lantern in the window, and jack-o-lantern votives in the living room. A witch’s hat, my alter-ego’s apparel, hangs on the coat rack. Even the flowers are jack-o-lantern orange. And there’s more to come. I believe we’ll have rats and some ghosts and spider webs soon, although we’ll probably stop short of dyeing the cats black.

Black witch lantern
orange flower arrangement

Costumes are under discussion, as are jack-o-lantern carving ideas. Halloween books are making their way off the shelves.

Hist Whist and Ghost Moon

I think I’d better go find a copy of Bunnicula, too.

*Macbeth, of course. Act 4, scene 1. Best witch scene ever.