Some weekends just don’t go as planned. Illnesses, kitchen accidents, tantrums. The only thing to do is give life a little bow and find an alternate route.

Oddly enough, even in the midst of a not-good weekend there can be lovely highlights. Watching your child discover that he’s great on gymnastics equipment, or snuggling with your preschooler while watching Cinderella, just the girls. It’s the solace of children, or, as my mom calls it, baby therapy.

Late last week, before things went awry, I did some sewing and binge-requested books through the inter-library loan program. I have a new camera and as much as I like it, the strap is itchy. So I made a little cover for it. I was planning to write up a tutorial this weekend but, obviously, it didn’t happen. I will post one soon, though. And there’s a happy stack of sewing and YA books that have started arriving…I will be writing about those soon, too. Inter-library loan is such fun. Kinda like Amazon, but without money.

Be grateful for the little things.

pieced camera strap cover