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frisbee hat

last rose of the season tired McNab Narragansett Beach chasing seagulls kids playing in a stream

We spent the weekend visiting my parents in Rhode Island, where they recently bought a “project house.” It’s a lovely old Victorian that needs a serious face lift. We explored all the rooms, knocked on walls looking for secret staircases (there is one!), rang the antique mechanical doorbell, and looked out every window. The kids signaled their approval by running upstairs to pick a bedroom.

It was cloudy and I didn’t take any house pictures, although I really should have! I’ve seen my parents redo buildings and I know it will be quite a transformation.

The kids played frisbee in the yard, although Miss R’s idea of playing frisbee is a little different than everyone else’s. We wore the dog out, visited my sister, ran and walked and flew a kite on Narragansett Beach, met all the neighbors, and found a stream to potts around in. Mr. K stood watch, waiting for someone to fall in, but we managed to escape with only one soaked shoe.

It was really a very mellow weekend, all about family and playing outside.

On the way home I took out a small needlepoint canvas and stitched and thought about projects while Mr. K drove, and as the miles passed my inner Mrs. Claus flickered to life. Mr. C may be the king of toys, but I’ve decided that Mrs. C is the queen of crafts.

Over the past few weeks I’ve cleared out a few projects to make mental space for the holidays. This little pillow has been hanging out on our bed, looking like it needed a little something. I finally took it apart, added batting, and quilted the top. Much better.


I also pulled out this orphaned quilt square, which I made following Aurifil’s designer of the month program. Pat Sloan, quilter extraordinaire, left a sweet comment about my block on Aurifil’s Flickr page, which left me glowing for a full day. With that boost, I went ahead and quilted the block so it’s ready to become part of a quilt-as-you-go table runner.

Aurifil October block

Now, with a few things out of the way, Mrs. C’s workshop has kicked into gear! I have a long list of ideas – more than I can accomplish between now and December, really, but I’m excited by the possibilities. First and foremost are quilts for the kids. He asked for “green and orange and bumblebees”; she asked for “all colors.”

018Mr. Claus is also making a cameo appearance – more on him later this week!