Santa Star ornament IMG_2811

I’ve been working on small portable things this weekend. Little needlepoint canvases that can go with me from couch to playground to car. Hand-sewn Santas that I can work on while sitting with the kids in the toy room. I’d forgotten how freeing it can be to not need a sewing machine! I didn’t have one for the first 27 years of my life, after all, and I made plenty of things.

So the new additions to our Santa Star family are done. I’m going to gather up all the previous generations for a family portrait, I think, but need to get to the Christmas boxes in the basement first. The original Santa Star is about 22 years old now! He was made on the fly one Christmas Eve after midnight, patched together with scraps of a skirt, a few inches of a pull chain, cotton from a jewelry box, and lots of love.

I’ve improved on my technique since then, although each Santa comes out differently. I decided to document the process this time and create a pattern. While I think this sort of project is always improvisational, a pattern with templates for the body and face are a good place to start. I’ll have it online in a few days.

I’ll have a few painted canvases for the needlepoint Santa Stars for sale soon,too. They’re coming out really well and are fun to stitch!

Ok, now back to work…