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My aunt Donna once told me that life is what happens when you’re making other plans. While I’ve heard that bit of wisdom a few times since, I like to think of my thoughtful southern aunt saying it and I repeated it to myself all last week while down and out with the flu. It made me feel a little better about all those other plans slipping through my fingers while I lay on the couch and willed my toes to stop aching.

Now that I’m on my feet again, I thought I’d get back into the groove here with bits and pieces from recent weeks, small projects captured with a picture or two that were sitting neglected in my camera.

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Yes, more infinity scarves! These are made with some beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn that I found at Gather Here. I used the same Pink Chalk pattern for these spring infinities as I did for my winter ones.

003 004For my niece, a two-doll (or animal) tote, in pink and purple as requested. The tote is sized generously for her American Girl dolls. I used quilt batting instead of interfacing to give the sides some extra substance but still keep the whole thing soft and easy to roll up and put away. The fabrics are basic quilting cottons from Joann’s and the pattern is my own. It’s a basic tote construction with diagonal straps that run under the bottom of the bag and a lining that is dropped in and topstitched into place. It’s very purple but pretty cute, and I hope she’ll love it.

Cube 2Those cube ottomans that I planned to update back in January? Here they are, all pretty now. The fabric is a home dec classic, Imperial Dragonfly by Swavelle/Mill Creek.

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Have I ever mentioned that we have a lot of Legos around here? No? We do. I love Legos; too many is fine by me. To avoid the trauma of having a new creation smashed during cleanup or by a sibling, though, I made each child a tray for storing precious constructions. I took a 10″ x 10″ Lego base piece and reassembled it to fit into the bottom of an 8.5″ x 11″ cardboard office tray from Target. (To cut the base pieces, score them on the back with a craft knife and then gently snap them along the scored line.) I used a generous amount of Fabri-tac glue to attach the base pieces, weighing them down with books to make sure they stayed flat while they dried. So far they’ve held up well and I’m enjoying the rotating gallery of creations that land in the trays.

Banana muffins and teaAt some point in February, during one of our weekly snowstorms, I made this batch of banana muffins. I like to think that they’re slightly healthy because they have oatmeal in them! I always use Ina Garten’s banana crunch muffin recipe but I cut the generously sized recipe in half, ditch the walnuts and optional banana chips, and use plain rolled oats instead of granola. They are Miss R’s favorite.

(The tea is Lady Grey, if anyone is wondering. Also Miss R’s favorite.)

Now, on to March! I have a big quilt project that I’m looking forward to sharing in a few weeks. In like a lion…..