I like the occasional rainy, soaked weekend. It’s good for catching up on things and this weekend the rain brought with it that earthy smell that means spring is nearly here. I walked out into a spatter of rain on Saturday morning and took a deep breath. A single crocus was nodding its head on the lawn and tiny green shoots had appeared practically overnight in the planting beds.

Lots of works in progress here and the weather kept me inside and puttering around with paint and closet clean-outs and cross-stitch experiments and books.

flowers 2 Owl sunlight jonathan jo

Dresser in progress 2

I’ve had this dresser in my back hallway for years. It’s sweet, with turned wood details on the front and little brass keyholes on each drawer. I never thought much one way or another about its color (brown) until I painted the back hall. All of a sudden, I really wanted something colorful in the nook in the hallway.

I auditioned various shades of teal and bright reds for this project. Either would have worked but this little dresser seemed to be asking for red. (Oddly enough, when I sanded the top down I found traces of a Williamsburg blue in the old wood filler on the top.) I’ll be posting a step-by-step about this piece once the new knobs arrive and the dresser is finished, but for now I thought a sneak peak would be fun. The red, by the way, is Benjamin Moore Heritage Red. It looks a bit orange here thanks to the pink walls and a yellow overhead light in our temporary project space but it’s more of a strong true red.

How was your weekend?