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Hippity hop, Little Miss Easter is almost here! To welcome her, my girl and I made Easter scribble tees.

finished duck

Cute, yes? You will need:

  • a white or light-colored t-shirt
  • fabric markers (we tried Stained by Sharpie and Uchida Graffiti markers)
  • freezer paper (in the foil and cling wrap section of the grocery store)
  • scissors
  • a piece of cardboard or a magazine
  • a cookie cutter (we used rabbit and duck shapes)
  • an iron

Cut a piece of freezer paper a few inches larger than your cookie cutter. Trace the cookie cutter on the rough side of the paper and cut out the interior of the shape to make a stencil.

cookie cutter template

Place the freezer paper waxy side down on your t-shirt. With the iron on a medium setting, iron the freezer paper to the shirt for a few seconds, until it sticks.

Slip the piece of cardboard inside the shirt to make sure the markers don’t bleed through to the back.

Scribble away! Or make dots, or stripes, or swirls….Don’t be afraid to go over the edges of the freezer paper. It will keep the markers from bleeding outside the lines of the design. We tested this concept extensively.

Scribble scribbled duck scribble rabbit facePeel off the freezer paper to reveal your design, and wear your shirt with a hop in your step!

purple bunny finished rabbit face

R tee from back

A few notes:

  • Some fabric markers need to be heat set. Check the package instructions.
  • The Stained by Sharpie markers have brush tips and deep pigments. The pink, yellow, and orange colors are neon.
  • The Uchida Graffiti markers come in lovely pastels but may need more than one pass to build up depth of color.