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The Kindergarten Quilt

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this project for a while now! Last fall I started planning a quilt project involving The Boy’s entire kindergarten class. The plan: Have each child draw a picture of something that makes them happy on an 8″x 8″ piece of fabric, and turn those 60-plus fabric squares into a quilt to brighten a wall at the local hospital.


By the end of February I had a big stack of wonderful, bright, sweet, and funny children’s drawings. Penguins, pets, grandparents, rainbows, flowers, smiley faces, basketballs, boats, elephants, and ice cream cones made their way onto the fabric.

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The children suggested rainbow colors for the pattern, which was easily accomplished with the big stack of fabric generously donated by the good folks at Hawthorne Threads. Donations from parents paid for the batting and backing and thread.




The quilt is made up for 64 fabric squares joined by 1″ strips of various prints, running in rainbow order from corner to corner. It’s a big quilt, just under 6′ square! The hospital is picking it up on Friday, at which point it will live at the entrance to the special care nursery. I hope it will brighten other people’s days as much as it has brightened mine!