Last Friday the Kindergarten Quilt went off to its new home. It was a great day and I am so grateful for all the support and enthusiasm this project has received.



That’s me in the pink sweater. (Yes, the quilt is taller than I am!) I took the quilt to the classrooms so the kids could find their squares and get a close look at how the whole thing came together. The kids were fun and funny, reaching up to touch what they saw and exclaiming over their own drawings and those of others. “Look, my penguin!” “Hey, a boat!” “I can see my friend’s name!” “Is that Elsa from Frozen??”

After the kids had a chance to visit with the quilt, we turned it over to hospital staff. Three good folks came from the maternity and newborn care unit to meet the kids and they couldn’t have been sweeter. They talked about the quilt and where it would go, and also why it would make a difference to the parents and hospital staff who would see it. And then they sang “A Ram Sam Sam” with the kids. It was totally unplanned and completely priceless.

Whew. So it’s done. I felt a little odd walking out the door without the bundle of fabric I’ve been toting around for weeks but this is good. Saturday I went to the library and picked out two new mysteries, and my only project this week is to read. No sewing. I know by week’s end I’ll be thinking about thread but for now it’s just me and a good book or three. I went for variety – has anyone read The Luminaries or Through the Evil Days or The Ghosts of Tupleo Landing?