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I had an ambitious list of Christmas projects this year: Eight quilts, one each for my kids and niece and nephews, one per couple for my sister, brother, and parents. It seemed like a good idea in July, and still seemed reasonable in September, but by December 15th I was thinking that I really should have scaled things back a bit. It’s a good thing I really like making quilts! I finished with a whole whopping 24 hours to spare.

A friend asked me a few days ago if it was hard to let these quilts go. Actually, no. I made each one with someone particular in mind and it felt good to finally put them in the arms of their intended recipients. I enjoyed making them, and I enjoyed watching everyone, particularly the kids, take ownership of the quilts as they immediately draped beds and turned into forts.

After all the quilts were gifted, I managed to do a quick photo shoot using whichever relatives were walking by as quilt holders. Without further ado:


Twilight Dreams quilts

R Quilt

These bright, pretty quilts were for my daughter and my niece. I used prints from the Wee Wander line, having fallen in love with the fireflies, footprints, horses, and little dreamers sitting in trees. I was inspired by this quilt but wanted to keep some of the larger panels intact, so I mixed up the sizes of the squares a bit.

R quilt detail

Both quilts are backed and bound in Wee Wander, which is very fine and soft. It makes for a light, drapey quilt perfect for snuggling and toy room picnics.

C quilt 2


Minecraft quilts.

minecraft dog quilt 2

This year has been all about Minecraft for the two older boys, so I got all pixelated and made a dog and a Steve face. I used various cottons on the quilt tops and flannel prints for the backs and bindings, so these quilts are extra cozy.

steve quilt head 2


Midnight Train quilt.

Midnight train quilt 2

My younger nephew loves trains, so for him I had this dream of a big, slightly abstract, mysterious train. Nothing babyish, no choo-choos. For this boy, a midnight train in black and deep blues with a moon on the rise and a drifting plume of smoke, a lone engineer silhouetted in the cab.


HI quilt.

Hi quilt

For my sister and brother-in-law, I went back to a flagged favorite in a magazine (Quilty) and modified the size. I think there’s something about the alternating blocks in this pattern that’s soothing. I picked Koi prints because they feel organic and balance out the geometric lines of the “H” blocks. The quilting is a combination of stipple and straight line, and the back and binding are Koi.

Hi quilt detail Hi quilt back


Migration quilt.

Migration quilt

For my brother and sister-in-law, I opted for lots of flying geese in varying blue prints on white. I thought the balance of the blues, the florals and checks, and the tailored (but slightly cheeky – note there’s one row of geese heading off in its own direction) triangles suited them. Most of the blue prints are from Happy Go Lucky.

Migration detail


Grandparent quilt

Grandparent quilt_names filtered

This is the quilt that started everything off back in July. It was the one I dreamed up first and finished last, of course, the one that I started right away and then became nervous about. It features drawings from each of the five grandchildren, framed in big strips of Flea Market Fancy. I used straight line and stipple quilting on this, and backed it in more Flea Market Fancy.

Grandparent quilt detail

So there you go: eight quilts for Christmas. It’s a good finish to 2014. What’s next? I have no idea, but there’s a pile of books waiting for me….

Happy New Year to you and yours! May 2015 be full of blessings.