January has found me knee-deep in a pile of books, fixing things around the house, and working on little projects. After my pre-Christmas sewing marathon it has felt good to catch up on odds and ends.

I thought I’d share two small things that I am currently enamored with: a rolling cart made from an old wooden soda box, and a doll quilt that uses up some of my Wee Wander scraps.

041 040 Fabric lined rolling cart

The cart is…. awesome. I know, it’s just an old box. But it’s very sturdy and just the right size for my sewing essentials. I lined it with bright green fabric (from The Boy’s first quilt) and added four small casters on the bottom. Now it holds my sewing essentials and rolls from desk to cabinet as needed. No more going back and forth for scissors, then buttons, and then a different thread, and oh, a thimble and an embroidery hoop and my quilting gloves.

070 067 Wee Wander doll quilt

The doll quilt is sweet and so very pretty. I have a stash of precious Wee Wander scraps (from the Christmas quilts for the girls) that I just couldn’t let go to waste. All the triangle scraps became a half-square triangle quilt, about 19″ x 21″. I backed it with hot pink and quilted on either side of all the seam lines, creating a nice diagonal pattern along the back. It’s in my Etsy shop.

Now, back to that pile of books!pile of books