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What to do in a minor blizzard? Sled. Make snow angels. Sew. Read beautiful books about paper flowers and dream of spring. Paper to Petal cover   Paper to Petal by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell is stunning. I don’t make paper flowers. I don’t plan to make paper flowers. And yet I spent quite a bit of time with this book over the weekend, admiring the artistry of the creations, the gorgeous colors, and the beautiful photography. It inspired quilt plans and some decor tweaking and a possible spring brunch. That, my friends, is a good craft book. paper to petal interior 2 And if you do want to make paper flowers? The instructions are excellent and accompanied by additional helpful photographs and a Skills section that explains basic techniques. The book includes templates for flower petals and leaves.

For much better photographs of the book than mine, plus links to Thuss and Farrell’s other beautiful design work, visit http://www.papertopetal.com/.