You know the phrase “climbing the walls”? That’s me. Well, it’s more like “attacking the walls.” Snow, more snow, and lots of time inside flipped a switch and I couldn’t stand some of our walls anymore. Out went the furniture, in came the stepladders, scrapers, and spray bottles. Bye-bye, green paint. And beige paint. And floral wallpaper.

One of these days I will actually scrape off the last bit of wallpaper in this condo. One day. But for now, getting rid of the I’m-so-over-it green paint and peeling wallpaper and bad spackle jobs in this one small room will do the trick.


As in our other spaces, this room was wallpapered and then painted. In some places everything cooperates and the paint and paper lift away from clean plaster with a quick scrape, in others we’re removing 1/2″ shards. Scoring the paint/paper and then using very hot water in spray bottles helps. I tried adding vinegar but it didn’t help much and smells lousy. This morning one of the authors I work with suggested adding fabric softener to the spray bottles (thanks, Laurel!)  – I will try it and report back. I’m willing to take any and all suggestions to get through this stage of the project:


So, until this is done I have mattresses on the porch and piles of kid stuff in the dining room and everyone is sleeping wherever they land. Truth: I kind of love it. Not forever, but for a little while this sort of transformative chaos gives me a thrill. And I have help! Mr. K and my parents have taken turns chipping away at the paint while I’m at work and it turns out that Miss R is not too shabby with a scraper, provided we give her a smaller one for her little hands. Being allowed to liberally use a spray bottle indoors is a big enticement, I think.


 Paint colors for this room are still under consideration. I’ve taken down the curtain panels and am going to do roman shades instead. I found this tutorial for turning metal blinds into roman shades, which I may try. Our windows are an odd width so repurposing the ugly but custom cut metal blinds is appealing to me.

P.S. I swore that I would not sew, except to make shades for this room, until this project is done. Let’s see if I make it.