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April has been a month for finishing things. For my friend’s new baby, an I-spy stroller/nap quilt. For friends, a half-square triangle throw quilt. For my kids, a freshly painted room with new shades.


I only snapped one decent picture of the stroller quilt before wrapping it up for my friend. This little quilt was fun to put together and I enjoyed playing around with all the fussy-cut prints. I started with a deep teal blue as my base, then added light blues, alternating them in each row with animals, clouds, and letters. The backing is a soft gray and white checked flannel. It’s just shy of 3′ square, a good size for tummy time or tucking in to a stroller.

The half-square triangle quilt is made up entirely of Petal and Plume fabrics, in a pattern that radiates out from a center square. I am proud of how this came out, but boy, did it drive me nuts while I was piecing it! I turned pieces around the wrong way so many times….Patience and careful squaring up paid off, though. After some consideration I decided to quilt this simply, using a navy thread to stitch in the ditch along the diagonals and then around the squares formed by the navy prints. I used Warm and Natural cotton batting and more Petal and Plume for the backing and binding. The result is a quilt that is soft and light and wonderfully drapey.

In non-sewing news, the kids’ room is finally done! For the better part of three weeks, Mr. K and I stripped wallpaper, washed down walls, spackled, sanded, patched up window trim, painted, and did a lot of vacuuming of dust. Yes, three weeks is a long time for one room. Removing that wallpaper was HORRENDOUS. For the record, very hot water in a spray bottle is still the most effective method of removing wallpaper in ye olde condo.

I was so very glad when the last scrap off paper was off the wall, the last lump of spackle was sanded, and the walls were ready for paint. Paint is easy. Paint goes on quickly and provides an immediate, tangible reward. We chose two shades of blue for the room, Sail to the Sea and Oh, Boy!, both by California Paints. These are fun, lively blues that appealed to both kids and look good with light and dark furniture.

Just for perspective, here’s the same corner pre and post paint:

spackled wall blue room 1

The room is fairly small and there’s a lot in it, so I opted to do roman shades instead of curtain panels. I ordered this dandelion fabric and used this tutorial for turning metal blinds into fabric shades, adding a liner to the back side of the fabric first. I’m happy with the result, cheerful and clean-lined.

The relief from snow is almost tangible in our part of the world. New Englanders sprang out of doors this past week, working on neglected yards, flooding playgrounds, strolling the streets, sitting in cafes. Fairy wings came out of the dress-up box and scooters out of the garage. We joined the masses of sun-seekers, and when I went to the grocery store over the weekend I found this most precious of spring produce: Rhubarb. If you’ve followed this blog for a little while you know about me and rhubarb. When it first shows up in the stores I celebrate with a rhubarb custard pie, made from an old recipe in the family cookbook.

rhubarb custard pie